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training for Social Change
~ Because Acting Skills are People Skills ~

Grow Together

Bird City offers workshops for leaders, organizations, and emerging artists. We also offer JEDI training to support inclusive communities. JEDI is justice, equity, diversity, and imagination.

Our approach works because we prioritize access and wellbeing in the creative process. We center joy and celebrate failure. We work with compassion and respect for people of all backgrounds and we move in alignment with our community values.

Bird City has wings. We're happy to travel online or in person.

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Our Services

1. Community Workshops

Have fun, breathe deep and laugh a lot while learning to create, collaborate and innovate in a socially conscious space. Click here to learn more.

2. JEDI Training

Transform culture by practicing anti-oppression through roleplay, mindfulness, and community dialogue. Click here to learn more.

Our workshops are informed by our signature approach and community values.

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What it costs

We use a sliding scale. Our Play It Forward initiative is our commitment to access and inclusion. We recognize that some people have more access to financial resources than others. We ask our collaborators to pay us equitably, in alignment with their access and ability.


Our sliding scale works on a system of honesty and trust. Lower income folks are invited to pay us a lower rate. Higher income folks are asked to pay us a higher rate. Our sliding scale recognizes financial inequities inherent in our education systems and affirms a need for change.


Contact us to get a quote. If your means are below or beyond the quote, we ask that you pay us a fee that is commensurate with the other trainers and consultants that you hire. 

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Some Testimonials

"It was easy to get caught up in Tavish’s enthusiasm. He helped you turn your 'miscues' into opportunities. This became more than just momentary positive vibes, it forced you to take on obstacles from a whole new mindset."
 -Daniel Hale, Operations Manager at Amazon
"Tavish came to my school for professional development on long form improv and it was a phenomenal experience!"
- Shay Mace, Educator in Maryland
"Tavish is the bomb. He gave us solid tools to work with, not just "atta boys.” He strikes the perfect balance between some serious learning and fun. He's also just a completely engaging guy who puts students of all levels of skill and confidence at ease." 
-Lindsay Moran, fmr. Operative at the Central Intelligence Agency
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get a quote

Ready to re-imagine how we collaborate? Want to bring an improv workshop to your community? 

We want to know. Email or call (443) 379-4198


 Let's co-create, collaborate, and illuminate. 

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