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~ Offering Guidance  for Socially Conscious Leaders ~

Guidance for Educators

We help educators of all backgrounds integrate improvisational techniques into their facilitation. Our professional development is designed with a playful, socially conscious community in mind.


We know that educators are leaders and change makers that need to nourish their curiosity and creativity just like their students. Our trainings are designed for those who want to learn through an immersive process that is affirming, creative, and deeply connected to our shared humanity.


Online or in-person, let's have fun and imagine new ways of co-creating.

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Our Workshops

1. Arts Activism | Social Justice Improv

In this workshop we embody anti-oppression through role play, community dialogue, and social satire. We raise critical consciousness by deconstructing power dynamics, illuminating comedic advocacy, and strategizing non-violent communication. Duration: 12-20 Hours | Capacity: 6-16 Participants

2. Unmasking Mischief | Comedy & Culture

In this workshop we deconstruct comedy through interactive games, creative writing, and community dialogue. We practice being culturally responsive and socially conscious as we craft comedic moments, inviting others center joy and laugh with us.  Duration: 6-12 hours |Capacity: 6-16 Participants


3. Theatre of the Heart | Empower Creativity

In this workshop we explore improv as way to devise theatre and better illuminate the creative process. We offer pedagogical guidance for improvisation that is inclusive, joyful and empowering for every being and body in the space.  Duration: 3-12 hours | Capacity: 6-20 Participants

We use a sliding scale to prioritize access and inclusion. Read more here.

Our workshops are informed by our signature approach and community values.

Past Collaborators

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"I cannot say enough good things. Tavish and the rest of the team put a great deal of thought behind and into every class, and every communication. I learned so much that is otherwise lacking in most improv spaces, which still operate from old-school, early/mid 20th c (and honestly, harmful) mindsets. Improv can be so much more and BCI aims to find those touchpoints. Researched, sourced and thoughtful approaches, even in the most stressful of situations."
 - Maya Jairam, Teaching Artist in Colorado
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