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guidance for Individuals

Bird City offers online and in-person coaching for individuals who want to show up authentically and with confidence. We help folks to be present, connect with others and tell their story, while navigating the challenges of social anxiety and oppression. 

Our coaching works because we prioritize humility, compassion and humor in the learning process - inviting everyone to listen deeply, co-process and step into their creative power.

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Our services

1. executive Coaching

Heartfelt guidance and communication strategies for leaders who want to listen better, understand humor and tell engaging stories. Click here to learn more.

2. Personal Coaching

Heartfelt and spiritually centered guidance for those seeking change. We help folks with mindfulness, self-care, motivation and relationships. Click here to learn more

We offer 60 to 90 minute coaching sessions. We also offer monthly, four-week packages. 

Our sessions are informed by our signature approach and community values.

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What it costs

We use a sliding scale. Our Play It Forward initiative is our commitment to access and inclusion. We recognize that some people have more access to financial resources. We ask our collaborators to pay us equitably, in alignment with their access and ability.

Our sliding scale works on a system of honesty and trust. Lower income folks are invited to pay us a lower rate. Higher income folks are asked to pay us a higher rate. Our sliding scale recognizes financial inequities in our society and affirms a need for change. 


Contact us to get a quote.  

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Some Testimonials

"What makes Tavish exceptional as a teacher can be summed up very simply: he cares. A great deal." -Mike Kofski, Data Analyst at Urban Ventures, Inc.
"Tavish is fucking awesome." - Dante Moore, Massage Therapist at Massage Envy
"He exudes empathy and patience. He adjusts his teaching style based on the needs of his students and explains his notes with concise and thoughtful detail. Tavish has coached me several times and I most definitely grew as an improviser after each lesson. I highly recommend!!!" -Wayne Mackenzie, Program Manager in Baltimore
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Are you ready to communicate with authenticity and confidence? We want to hear from you.

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Let's learn, laugh and grow together.  

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