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Personal Coaching
Personal Coaching Online
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Personal · Coaching
~ Soulful Guidance
for Folx Seeking Change ~

Guidance for individuals

We help individuals to co-process their experiences, imagine new ways of being, and rediscover their personal power. We offer creative coaching sessions that help people build self-awareness, grow, and thrive. Our coaching is sensitive to the experiences and needs of TLGBQ+ people and other individuals who have experienced marginalization. 


We work with a playful spirit. That means that we approach the work with humility, compassion, and humor. It means that we stay curious about how we express ourselves and how we can honor our shared humanity. Online or in-person, let's see what skills we can share and what wisdom we can discover.


Focused Sessions

1. Be Human | Let's Talk About It & Figure It Out
Spill the tea. I just need to talk, vent, and be heard. I need to co-process in a space that is affirming, intentional, and radically honest. I need a space to bravely express myself. Sessions are 60 minutes.

2. Be Proud | Let's Look Inward & Embody Confidence
Gas me up. I need motivation. I need new frameworks. I need self-care homework to honor who I am, care for my community, and live in alignment with my values.

Sessions are 60 minutes. 

3. Be Fierce | Let's Develop Strategies for Success
I'm trying to live my best life. I need to find peace. I need to relax, but first I need guidance. I need strategies to be charismatic, successful, and thrive in my day-to-day. Sessions are 90 minutes. 

4. Be There | Let's Explore Healthy Relationships

We're trying to lean in. Me and my partner(s) want to be there for each other. We want to listen better and be authentic.  We want to learn about languages of love and affirmation, and we want to do it in a way that's interactive.  Sessions are 90 minutes. 

We use an income-based sliding scale to prioritize access and inclusion. Read more here.

Our sessions are informed by our signature approach and community values.

how we work

We offer coaching that integrates liberation-focused methodologies that are trauma-informed, spiritually centered, and identity-conscious. These are some practices that we work with and offer to share if, and only if, they resonate with you:

  • Applied Improvisation

  • Movement & Meditation

  • Divination & Tarot

  • Stargazing & Astrology

  • Queer Magic & Poetry

We customize each session to meet the needs and interests of our collaborators. We intentionally engage practices that align with our anti-racist ethos, queer values, and lived experience. We honor people's boundaries and our own.


If something isn't working or doesn't resonate, we listen to feedback and adapt our approach. If we're not a good fit, for any reason, then either of us can end our collaboration, and we will fully refund any upcoming sessions. Read more here.

Image by Jackson Hendry


"When I started improv, Tavish was my teacher. I was incredibly hesitant… He gave me my confidence back and I'll never be able to thank him enough for that."
-Peter Gordon, Truck Driver at J.B. Hunt
"Tavish is a highly competent and compassionate educator. He approaches improv coaching with a light-hearted, growth-oriented mindset, perceiving his students' specific needs and adapting his lessons to meet them. I have always felt safe to take risks and make mistakes... he offers critique gently and with consent... I enthusiastically recommend coaching from Tavish." 
-Emily Conner, Educator in Maryland
"Tavish's profound level of dedication to the craft of improv is unlike that I've witnessed from any other improv teacher... Tavish's eye for potential and talent for giving insightful feedback has helped us to unlock our passion..."
-Ryan Kielbasa, Recycling Coordinator at Johns Hopkins University
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