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Coaching Philosophy
~ Exploring Liberation, Spiritual Practices & Co-Creation ~

My commitment

I, Tavish Forsyth, am committed to intentional dialogue, heart centered relation, and co-creative practices that are rooted in radical honesty, queer love, and liberation for all oppressed peoples. I intend to live and move in alignment with my values. As such, I compassionately focus my energies on spirit every day. I am continually working to embody my own freedom and I am committed to the freedom of others through cooperative effort. 

Improv is an art of freedom. Improv liberates the imagination. Practicing improv cultivates joy, authenticity, and transformation through shared experience. As a queer improviser, I am dedicated to spaces where individuals feel recognized – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


I want my collaborators to feel empowered, to access their creative voices, and be inspired by the beauty of their life stories, the interconnectedness of nature, and the mutuality of the human experience.

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Tavish Forsyth
Pronouns (He/Them)

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Liberation ethics

Liberation refers to the collective freedom of a community. Ethics is the philosophy of right and wrong.


Queer liberation is at the heart of my practice, at the center of my ethos. Queer liberation is inseparable from racial equity and anti-oppression. Therefore, all my practices strive to center healing and embody freedom through methods that are life affirming, joyful, and authentically human – rooted in connection, emotion, and spirit.


My ethics emerge in humanism, biodiversity, and meaningful experience. My ethics grow and evolve as I continue to understand the nuances of happiness and struggle in a post-colonial world.

Spiritually Centered

Logic is how we reason; emotion is how we process; and spirituality is how we co-exist with the unknown.

Spirituality is inseparable from liberation because liberation is inseparable from religious pluralism (i.e. diversity). Every human has a right to co-exist with the unknown in a way that is meaningful for them and non-harmful to others. For many, a special tradition, a religion, or spiritual practice may be invoked. Others subscribe to atheism, non-theism, or agnosticism. Whether you have a sacred or secular perspective, we are living in a global community deeply influenced by religion, so let's talk about it. Let's be honest about how we relate to systems of belief. Let's think about how we relate to the unknown, and what practices help us to feel better about our lived experience. 

In my sessions, I hope to provide support for change makers, creatives, and beautiful humans. I hope to inspire and challenge folx to play with abandon and imagine a better life, vibrant with meaningful connections and radical authenticity. I dream of a world where I am forgotten because we are too busy laughing, loving, and experiencing a life unencumbered by shame. Actualizing this dream, my practice explores the intersections of language, improvisation, and spirituality, while honoring the beliefs, boundaries, and individual needs of my collaborators. 


Co-Creative Practice

Co-creation is the process of working towards a shared and mutually beneficial experience. The types of co-creation that I practice are improvisational. They include story sharing, creative writing, spontaneous movement, mindful practice, theatrical performance, and divination. 

Divination is an ancient artform by which we may reflect upon and co-process our experiences. Divination is diverse and culturally emergent. I believe that divination is a way of improvising with our environment. It's a way of contemplating our experiences to find purpose and live authentically. I practice forms of divination that are aligned with my anti-racist values, queer narrative, and lived experience. The most basic form of divination that I engage is art criticism. I contemplate the intent of the creator, my response to the created, and the impact of the creation. I follow the same process when I engage sacred practices like tarot, yoga, and astrology.  

Improv is neither spiritual nor secular, and at the same time capable of integrating both. In my everyday life, I incorporate elements of the secular and the sacred (and I code switch between them). I believe that everything is co-created through our shared wisdom, histories, and lived experience. As such, I center co-creation in my practice. However, I do not proselytize my beliefs; I simply share my experience. I respect and honor the beliefs of others. I love sharing space with people who think differently. I share what makes my spirit sing and I listen to what might make yours.


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