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JEDI Training
Practicing Anti-Oppression
Online DEI Training
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Jedi · Training
~  Justice Equity Diversity Imagination ~

Training for  Change

We help people practice anti-oppression through roleplay and community dialogue. We know that real change isn't facilitated by a slideshow or lecture. It's facilitated through an embodied practice that aligns inclusive values with demonstrated action. 


Our JEDI workshops are not diversity trainings because diversity trainings are not enough. Our workshops are culturally responsive experiences that are trauma-informed and sensitive to the needs of those who experience marginalization.


We support inclusive communities with real-world discussion and practical skill sets that can be applied to improve company culture immediately. We help individuals to advocate for change through an ethos of allyship, exploring, elevating and transforming JEDI initiatives. We prioritize authenticity and only work with companies who are ready for - and committed to - radical change, online or in-person.

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1. Improv & Inclusive Collaboration | 1 Day Workshop

We want powerful strategies and life affirming communication skills that make our company accessible. We want to invite every being and body at our company to feel seen, respected, and heard. We want our coworkers to feel happy and hopeful for the future. How can we begin this process? Can improv help us to be more inclusive and collaborative in our daily interactions? Capacity: 20 Participants

2. Comedy that Makes a Difference | 3 Day Experience

Problematic humor hurts people. It excludes people. We want to learn about comedy that's socially conscious and culturally responsive. How can we avoid problematic humor? How can we use comedy to better engage our community and our clients? How can we use comedy to advocate for change, laugh and grow together?

Capacity: 16 Participants. 


3. Improvising Change: Practicing Anti-Oppression | 3 Month Residency 

We want an immersive training that provides weekly sessions for people committed to change. We want to do the work playfully, practicing peer-to-peer dialogue and radical accountability. We know that one-off trainings only scrape the surface, and we want to go deep. We are looking for sustained guidance to support the work of transformation. Capacity: 16 Participants.

We use a sliding scale to prioritize access and inclusion. Read more here

Our workshops are informed by our signature approach and community values.

Our workshops

Past Collaborators

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"Bird City Improv is an incredible learning and community institution. Tavish puts a truly unbelievable amount of care, thoughtfulness, intelligence, and passion into improv and how, in engaging in these classes or workshops, we ourselves leave feeling joyful and inspired... Seriously cannot say enough wonderful things about Bird City and Tavish." 
-Talya Tavor, Climate Activist in Maryland
"Tavish is a creative and energetic improviser who brings his passion for improv theater into the classroom with his students. He is engaging, patient, kind, and able to reach a diverse audience effectively..." 
-Bridget Cavaiola, Fmr. Education Director at Baltimore Improv Group
"…listening is crucial in improv. We use it to discover what our scene partner needs and with that knowledge explore a relationship... The idea that answers to our questions are found in our colleagues, and of course our data, has helped make me a more collaborative and observant scientist."
-William Aisenberg, PHD Candidate at Johns Hopkins University
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