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Improv Workshops 
~ Stress relieving ways to improve company culture ~

Joy for Teams

We help change company culture through fun, interactive workshops that get people moving in new ways. Our team building workshops focus on centering joy, understanding balance, and inspiring new ideas.


We offer experiences that are customized to your needs, playful, and socially conscious. We all need outlets to play and grow. Bird City holds space for those life affirming experiences. Let's discover what's possible when we empower our community to co-create and laugh.

Bird City has wings. We're happy to travel online or in person. 

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Image by Lode Lagrainge

Our Workshops

1. Improv Happy Hour | Laughing with Co-Workers
We just want shenanigans. We want to have fun as a group, and not necessarily at a happy hour. We believe that teams who play together, stay together. We love sports, comedy and trying new things. This workshop is great for team building, parties, and networking events - day or night.

Duration: 2-3 hour workshop | Capacity: 20 participants per facilitator.

2. Applied Improv Techniques | Skill Building Workshop
We would like to engage an improv mindset. We want to relax and build relationships through mindful listening. We want to inspire new ways of thinking that decrease stress and increase authentic connection. This workshop is great for communication skills training. 

Duration: 3-6 Hour Workshop | Capacity: 20 participants per facilitator.

3. Engineering Comedy | Re-Imagine Social Strategy
We want to be more creative, comedic, and socially engaged. We know that money doesn’t make the world go round - innovative communication does. We want to unlock our sense of humor and better engage our community. This workshop is great for teams who need story telling strategies.

Duration: 6-12 Hour Workshop | Capacity: 20 participants per facilitator.

We use a sliding scale to prioritize access and inclusion. Read more here

Our workshops are informed by our signature approach and community values.

Past Collaborators



"In an introductory improv class, Tavish once gave me the feedback, 'You're great at responding in a scene… but you have to work harder to contribute… make big decisions,' and that has really stuck with me… Hearing someone encourage and challenge you to try being active as well as reactive is incredibly valuable, and a lesson I think about often."

-Marianna Fleischman, Vaccine Production Scientist at National Institutes of Health

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