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Welcome to The Bird Blog. One day we hope to turn it into a book called Improv for the Dissatisfied Human but we're not quite there yet. As an individual artform, writing is a bit lonely, so we thought drafting a book as a blog was a cool way to turn a solo endeavor into a community experience. We'd love to hear your feedback on any of our posts. Feel free to comment, share, or ask a question. Each post focuses on a specific theory, skill, or exercise that can help you improve your onstage performance and interpersonal communication. 


Bird City Improv is a  theatre company dedicated to the art of improvisation. We teach individuals to apply the principles of improv onstage and in everyday interactions to improve communication skills, confidence, and creativity.  

Bird City Improv is based in Baltimore, the ancestral lands of the Piscataway, Nentego, and Susquehannock peoples. 


Baltimore, MD


(443) 379-4198



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