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Learn together

Bird City Improv's education program is available online and in-person. Each class includes a variety of activities, including group games, solo work, peer dialogue, improvisation, roleplay, and class reflections. Our classes are a chance to meet new people and laugh while learning a new skill. At the end of each lesson, we host an optional social hour for folks to gather, talk, and laugh. 

Classes are "low-cost to no-cost" with flexible pricing and pay-what-you-choose scholarships to increase accessibility and disrupt capitalism. Our business model and curriculum are guided by a philosophy of liberation, wellness, equity in the arts. Improvisation is the most team-oriented artform and its guiding principle "Yes, And" is predicated on affirmation and support. As such, our classes are inclusive spaces that respect individual experience, honor boundaries, and challenge systems of oppression. 

If you're interested in signing up for an online class, all you need to join is a device with a webcam. You don’t need to be a “funny person.” You don’t need to know any jokes. You just need to be brave, willing to learn, and willing to laugh. Below is a list of our current offerings.

Classes & Workshops


Social Strategy

Online Class & Study Group

w/ Tavish Forsyth

Sun., Feb. 26 - May 21, 2023

07:00-09:30am (PST)

10:00-12:30pm (EST)

03:00-05:30pm (GMT)

PWYC | Scholarships | 18+  

Use improv, research, and roleplay to deepen your relationship to self and community. This is a twelve week course and study group.

Intro to Improv.jpg

Intro to Improv

Online Improv Class | SOLD OUT

w/ Tavish Forsyth

Tuesdays, Jan. - Mar. 2023

07:00-09:00am (PST)

10:00-12:00pm (EST)

3:00-5:00pm (GMT)
FREE | Grant-Funded | 55+ 

This free, online acting class is for older adults. It is presented in collaboration with Art Works Now. 

Intro to Improv.jpg

The Writers' Room

Online Writing Class | SOLD OUT

w/ Tavish Forsyth

Wednesdays, Jan. - Mar. 2023

07:30-09:30am (PST)

10:30-12:30pm (EST)

3:30-5:30pm (GMT)
FREE | Grant-Funded | 55+ 

This free, online creative writing class is for older adults and presented in collaboration with Art Works Now. 

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