Just looking for something fun? Sick of laser-tag, bowling, and karaoke? This is the workshop for you! Spice up your community meeting, family gathering or group outing with improv! Play crazy games, build connections and make happy memories to look back on. Participants will learn the fundamentals of improv, engaging in team building exercises, mental competitions, and improv scenes for each other's enjoyment. This workshop is low pressure, high energy, and very entertaining. Everyone will walk away with smiles, a sense of play, and practical skills for being spontaneous.

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Bird City Improv is a  theatre company dedicated to the art of improvisation. We teach individuals to apply the principles of improv onstage and in everyday interactions to improve communication skills, confidence, and creativity.  

Bird City Improv is based in Baltimore, the ancestral lands of the Piscataway, Nentego, and Susquehannock peoples. 


Baltimore, MD


(443) 379-4198



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