Going to Tavish's improv class was like unwrapping a really cool gift I didn't even know I wanted.

Kim Metz, Yoga Instructor at International Association of Yoga Therapists

"Going to Tavish's improv class was like unwrapping a really cool gift I didn't even know I wanted."

Kim Metz, Yoga Instructor, International Association of Yoga Therapists

Quality Matters

The day is too short to waste on activities that don't tangibly add value to your life. And we're not talking about money, we are talking about meaningful value. That's why Bird City provides a truly unique learning experience.

Do you like sitting on your butt? Other organizations preach their method from behind a podium or across a computer screen. Bird City facilitates onsite training that is engaging, active, and team oriented.


Do you like cheesy gimmicks? Other companies rely on goofy acronyms and contrived models. Bird City depends on interactive dialogue and group discussion.

Do you actually remember the last training you had? Other lessons are forgettable. Bird City's training is consistently lauded as a memorable experience because we believe in real-world, practical applications.

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Improv News


"Initially I didn’t know what improv was, I just knew that it involved some kind of public speaking,"  she says. "When you do improv and come back to the corporate world, you realize how many small things you thought were important don’t matter."


Why Improv Training is Great Business...

by Jesse Scinto


"...they’re laughing hysterically, because it’s hard for them to even remember what their fear was," Carbonell said. "Social anxiety is all about inhibition and self-censorship, and that’s exactly what improv helps flip around."


So Funny, It Doesn't Hurt

by Kathleen Toohill


Improvisational comedy workshops have become a staple at business schools, and in the corporate world in general. Bob Kulhan, co-founder of Business Improvisations, helped originate the trend.



Getting to 'Yes, And

by Seth Stevenson