Communication Skills Training

In our dynamic, two-hour, professional development workshops, we take the theory behind theatrical improv, and apply it to the everyday, fostering communication and collaboration ideal for the work environment, where such skills are often overlooked in favor of the purely technical. Designed for participants of all experience levels, Bird City's nationwide workshops cultivate greater task awareness and expose individuals to powerful, tangible creative tools to enhance professional success. To book an on-site or online training, please fill out the fields below.

Workshop Offerings

Improv for
Public Speaking
Improv & Communication
Improv for 
Improv & Inclusive Collaboration
& Synergy
Improv & Innovation

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Live Comedy

Want to bring a live comedy performance to your business? Bird City is happy to entertain! With a vast network of trained improvisers, Bird City can turn any venue into a comedy theatre.  We'll create an interactive show guaranteed to please, inspired entirely by audience suggestion.

Play it Forward

Bird City regularly facilitates free workshops for community organizations. Corporate clients automatically qualify to participate in our Play It Forward initiative. What is Play It Forward? For every corporate training Bird City facilitates, we will donate one free workshop to a DC/Baltimore, nonprofit, community organization and are open to your suggestions. If interested, all Bird City asks is that you determine a non-profit, and provide Bird City contact information. Play it Forward is an excellent way to spread communicative and collaborative tools to a wider audience, sponsor a non-profit, and to give back to the community.

Bird City Improv is a  theatre company dedicated to the art of improvisation. We teach individuals to apply the principles of improv onstage and in everyday interactions to improve communication skills, confidence, and creativity.  

Bird City Improv is based in Baltimore, the ancestral lands of the Piscataway, Nentego, and Susquehannock peoples. 


Baltimore, MD


(443) 379-4198



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