Improv Drama Club for TEENS

Stories give our lives meaning. They shape our beliefs, encapsulate our history, inspire our future, and define our present.  Why not bring our stories to the stage? In this improv class for teens students will use their own life stories to generate dramatic scenes, comedic premises, and narratives performances. Students will survey various approaches to improvise onstage, write their own material, and produce their own shows.  This class is perfect for teenage students craving self expression, team work, and community experiences. No experience is necessary. Students just need to be willing to learn, laugh, and explore. 

This workshop is available as a continuous after school program or a singular skill building workshop. Email for more info. 

Bird City Improv is a  theatre company dedicated to the art of improvisation. We teach individuals to apply the principles of improv onstage and in everyday interactions to improve communication skills, confidence, and creativity.  

Bird City Improv is based in Baltimore, the ancestral lands of the Piscataway, Nentego, and Susquehannock peoples. 


Baltimore, MD


(443) 379-4198



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