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Stories give our lives meaning. They shape our beliefs, encapsulate our history, inspire our future, and define our present.  Why not bring our stories to the stage? In this advanced improv class students will use their own life stories to generate initiations, comedic premises, and other scenic elements for their performances. Students will survey popular storytelling formats including Armando, Living Room, and Story-Story, while refining their ability to speak extemporaneously, identify comedic opportunities, and navigate two person improv scenes. This class is perfect for the students craving truthful improv that is premise rich, yet relatable, improv that inherently creates connections between the ensemble and the audience.

Bird City Improv is a professional and artistic development company. We teach individuals how to apply the principles of improv comedy to everyday interactions to facilitate communication, collaboration and innovation among peers.

Bird City has wings. We are happy to travel.


Baltimore, MD


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