High Tide

Why Improv

Improv is one of the most useful, yet underrated art forms. All 7,000,000,000 people on this planet improvise every single day, but only a few of us improvise well. Why? Unfortunately, we develop a lot of bad habits that prevent us from achieving our potential. We do not listen, make eye contact, collaborate, let go of our ego, and embrace failure as a part of the process. We do not empathize nor strive to see the merit in every idea. We do not capitalize on our own skills. We doubt ourselves. We live in the past, and talk about the future, but we never respond to what is happening here and now. Improvisational theatre works to curb these bad habits.

​Improv builds confidence and has practical applications for all aspects of life: professional, personal, social and spiritual. Improv helps individuals communicate, collaborate, innovate, embrace failure, listen, empathize, and maintain confidence in the face of the unknown.

At Bird City we believe a high tide raises all ships. If we can create an environment that is supportive and open to possibility, then everyone in that environment can succeed. For us "a high tide..." is more than just a motto, it's a call to action.

To create a high tide, we start by identifying roadblocks to success. These roadblocks differ from person to person and business to business, but some commonalities shine through: individuals don't feel heard, groups don't feel included, people don't feel respected, teammates don't feel valued, members don't feel invested, the competent lack confidence and the confident lack competence.

To help communities overcome these roadblocks, Bird City practices transparency, accessibility and cooperation. We openly share our techniques, trade secrets and resources, and we always communicate with empathy to meet the needs of those we serve. A high tide is made of many droplets. Creating opportunity isn't an individual endeavor, it's a collaborative effort.


It's our firmly held conviction that creating a high tide isn't only healthy for business, but for all individuals, communities, and kin.

Play it Forward

Bird City regularly facilitates free workshops for community organizations. Corporate clients automatically qualify to participate in our Play It Forward initiative. What is Play It Forward? For every corporate training Bird City facilitates, we will donate one free workshop to a DC/Baltimore, nonprofit, community organization and are open to your suggestions. If interested, all Bird City asks is that you determine a non-profit, and provide Bird City contact information. Play it Forward is an excellent way to spread communicative and collaborative tools to a wider audience, sponsor a non-profit, and to give back to the community.

Bird City Improv is a professional and artistic development company. We teach individuals how to apply the principles of improv comedy to everyday interactions to facilitate communication, collaboration and innovation among peers.

Bird City has wings. We are happy to travel.


Baltimore, MD


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