Honesty & Mischief

Comedy can be more than mindless fun. Comedy can help us heal, relate, and connect to the world. Comedy can be gritty. When we delve into darker comedy, into truth-telling, we must keep ourselves tethered to the joy of creating and to the mischief of improvising.  This does not mean that we may not be challenged or upset – some of the most profound art can be created simply by sharing our uncomfortable truths – but our truth-telling should be cathartic and not traumatizing. In this intermediate class, our work will center on finding emotional honesty in ourselves and in the worlds we create. Special emphasis will be placed on acting tools like subtext, vulnerability, physicality, silence, sentimentality and stakes. Students will walk away with a process for slow-burn, meaningful comedy.

"If you want to be funny, you need to be real. If you want to be real, you need to be vulnerable." -Liz Allen

Bird City Improv is a professional and artistic development company. We teach individuals how to apply the principles of improv comedy to everyday interactions to facilitate communication, collaboration and innovation among peers.

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