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Unlocking Potential

Improv, in the broadest sense, is about finding the fullest potential in what is readily available. Everyone improvises every single day, but only a few of us improvise well. Why? Unfortunately, we develop a lot of bad habits that prevent us from achieving our potential. We do not listen, make eye contact, collaborate, let go of our ego, and embrace failure as a part of the process. We do not empathize nor strive to see the merit in every idea. We do not capitalize on our own skills. We doubt ourselves. We live in the past, and talk about the future, but we never respond to what is happening here and now. Improvisational theatre works to curb these bad habits. Improv is perfect for anyone who wants to create, communicate and lead effectively. We teach webinars, workshops, and classes for businesses, communities, and artists. To learn more about how you can bring Bird City Improv to your organization check out our workshops below. 

Workshops for Artists

All artists need to do two things: analyze and improvise. Whether your a performer, writer, or designer, your success is dependent on balancing observation with impulse.

Workshops for Businesses

Improv fosters communication and collaboration ideal for the work environment, where such skills are often overlooked in favor of the purely technical. 

Community Workshops

Improv connects people. By it's nature it is inclusive, and its guiding principle yes, and is predicated on positive reinforcement.

We hAve Classes too! 

If you were looking to take a class, rather than hiring us to teach a workshop, we got you! Click the links to view our Current Offerings or check out our Course Catalog.