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Improv is perfect for anyone who wants to innovate, communicate and lead effectively. It builds confidence and has practical applications for all aspects of life: professional, personal, social and spiritual. Improv helps individuals communicate, collaborate, innovate, embrace failure, listen, empathize, and maintain confidence in the face of the unknown. It  decreases anxiety and stress. It's also extraordinarily fun!


Our 1-on-1 personal coaching, is an opportunity to explore your personal power, while cultivating self-awareness, connectivity, and healing. We offer coaching in three areas - public speaking, humor, and healing - designed to help you self actualize and step into your authentic, creative voice.


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Speak on It

In many ways improv has more in common with sports than theatre. Like many team sports, improvisers can only succeed when they support each other's strengths, compensate for each other's weaknesses and aim to achieve a single goal...

for Healing & Changing

Like Yoga, improv requires a presence of mind and awareness of thought. Improv is quite literally an active meditation, requiring first and foremost a willingness to let go of expectations and observe the moment. Practicing improv can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, fighting fear with laughter...

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for Spirit

Many religions and spiritual practices value the connection to the soul, the voice of inspiration inside you, and also to the spirit, the energy of love and possibility that surrounds us. In this class, we aim to bridge practices of faith and improv, highlighting their common values of trust, hope, and unity...

Make 'em Laugh
Studying Humor

Just looking for something fun? Sick of laser-tag, bowling, and karaoke? This is the workshop for you! Spice up your community meeting, family gathering or group outing with improv! Play crazy games, build connections and make happy memories to look back on...

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Personal Coaching

Bird City Improv offers personal coaching to improve communication skills, emotional management, confidence, and relationships. Using compassionate dialogue, mindfulness exercises, applied improv, self reflection, goal setting and a values based approach, Bird City will work with you identify intentions, create affirmations, and make strides to toward your goals. We listen, encourage, offer strategies for wellbeing, and empower you to say "yes" to yourself and your experiences. Yes, you are capable. Yes, you are worthwhile. Yes, you can achieve. Email to book a session.