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Improv is perfect for anyone who wants to innovate, communicate and lead effectively. It builds confidence and has practical applications for all aspects of life: professional, personal, social and spiritual. Improv helps individuals communicate, collaborate, innovate, embrace failure, listen, empathize, and maintain confidence in the face of the unknown. It  decreases anxiety and stress. It's also extraordinarily fun! Our nation wide workshops provide communities an opportunity to explore the power of yes, while cultivating awareness and connectivity. To schedule a class at your organization, please complete the fields below.


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Individual Growth

Want some one-on-one time? Bird City offers life coaching for individual growth. We believe that YES, AND is a philosophy to practice on and off the stage. YES: embrace your truth. AND: capitalize on your circumstance. Using applied improv and theatre techniques, Bird City will work with you to identify your goals and make strides toward your well being. We listen and encourage; offer you strategies for success; and shift your worldview away from "no," empowering you to say "yes." Yes, you are capable. Yes, you are worthwhile. Yes, you can succeed.

Available in person or online

Live Comedy

Want to bring a live comedy performance to your community? Bird City is happy to entertain! With a vast network of trained improvisers, Bird City can turn any venue into a comedy theatre.  We'll create an interactive show guaranteed to please, inspired entirely by you the audience.

Bird City Improv is a professional and artistic development company. We teach individuals how to apply the principles of improv comedy to everyday interactions to facilitate communication, collaboration and innovation among peers.

Bird City has wings. We are happy to travel.


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