Comedy Basics

Improv is unscripted comedy. It is about moment-to-moment discovery and flexibility. In improv, the comedy is created when the people on stage are reacting honestly and truthfully as opposed to thinking of the most clever thing say. In this beginner workshop students will learn how to establish a realistic world, discover unusual elements, and harness absurdity using the "game of the scene." Special emphasis will be placed on constructing and identifying patterns in order to navigate characters, story, and scene transitions. Students will learn to be confident, creative, and collaborative by finding humor in the moment. Students will walk away with an understanding of comic theory, a grab bag of comedic structures, and useful devices to frame and explore a fun premise. You don’t need to be a “funny person.” You don’t need to know any jokes. You just need to be brave, willing to learn, and willing to laugh. No prior experience necessary.