Improv & Inclusive Collaboration

Despite improv’s guiding principle yes, and, which is predicated on positive reinforcement, novice improv scenes sometimes take a dark turn towards comedy that alienates audiences and performers alike. In an improv environment, students are encouraged to think extemporaneously. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a student to reveal a bias or broach a transgressive topic in a moment of decreased censorship. While these instances may derail an improv scene, they provide an opportunity for students to converse about inclusivity and social etiquette, and ultimately foster a respect for diversity. In this applied improv workshop students will participate in activities which sharpen their inductive reasoning, refine their capacity to contextualize information, and enhance their ability to build relationships through improv exercises and peer-to-peer dialogue. Participants will leave with a more nuanced understanding of teamwork and one-on-one social interactions in an increasingly diverse world.

Bird City Improv is a professional and artistic development company. We teach individuals how to apply the principles of improv comedy to everyday interactions to facilitate communication, collaboration and innovation among peers.

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