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All artists need to do two things: analyze and improvise. Unfortunately, most artist training focuses squarely on the former, proselytizing the conceptual at the expense of the intuitive. Great improvisers strike the balance between impulse and cognition, merging their acquired talent with their authentic selves. Designed for high school and college aged learners, Bird City Improv offers six skill building workshops to introduce, develop and refine young artists' improv skills. You don't need any prior experience as a performer and you don't need to be a funny person. You just need to be brave, honest and curious. To bring a class to your ensemble, school, or collective please fill out the information below.

Developing Skills


In a sense, Shakespeare is like algebra. It is meant to be decoded and solved. Unlike math class participants will be on their feet, experimenting with sonnets, monologues, poems, and hip-hop. 

Image by Darius Bashar

Writer's block? Creative rut? If you're detached from your intuition, you're detached from impulses. Unlock improv's divergent and convergent thinking strategies to reengage with your creative self...

Visual Artists
& Writers
Image by Suad Kamardeen

This class is perfect for teenage students craving self expression, team work, and community. No experience is necessary. Students just need to be willing to learn, laugh, and explore...

Improv Drama Club
for Teens

Recognize the absurdity. Contrast it with reality. Replicate the absurdity again, and again, and again. Improv comedy is a game of patterns. It may seem simple, but in practice it remains one of the most challenging skills for improvisers to refine...

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This class will explore improv narratives through the lens anti-oppression. Special emphasis will be placed on "punching up," speaking truth to power, playing with empathy, and using a values-based approach to explore oppression and liberation. 

Social Justice Improv

In this workshop we will demystify the devising process by studying Long Form improv structures as templates for creating original works of theatre, prioritizing thematic exploration over plot...

Devising Theatre | Scene to Script

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To take a class visit our Current Offerings page and check out our Course Catalog. Classes are open to all experiences levels and they are flex-priced, including free and pay-what-you-can tuition options. We practice Anti-Oppression, creating learning experiences that are brave, inclusive and fun.